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protruding right clavicle 1 year post stretch injury

1 year after a traumatic stretch injury (all weight bearing by right shoulder) my right clavicle is protruding.  I am experiencing pain in outer clavicle near shoulder and a mild choking sensation at the neck area.  My physican at first thought this was a bone disease and ordered bone scan with negative results.  Prior to the clavicle protrusion I experienced cluster type headaches, vertigo and a mild "tic" in my right cheek.  I have problems with my bra straps on that side as they apply pressure to the area and produce mild pain.  Once my physician related the pain and protrusion to the injury, he seems to have lost interest in pursuing this as a displacement.  I am seeing him this week to further investigate this....My question is....is it feasible that all this IS related to the strain I experienced and does it usually take this long to produce symptoms?  I'm feeling like a hypochondriac because my physician is not as concerned as I am.
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I'm just a fellow patient with a similar clavicle problem...from my own experience, it does sound like your symptoms could be related to the clavicle injury.  Perhaps the clavicle has displaced further over the past year...The bottom line is that there is a displaced clavicle, so there are muscle and nerve strains.  Also, an orthopedic doctor or physiotherapist may be more effective than the normal drug-prescribing 'health physician'. Finding the right kind of help has taken me years...let me know if you find it!  My clavicle on the right side protrudes like a bulb at the base of my throat...is this similar to yours?
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Thanks for the input.  Yes, the clavicle at my neck is protruding and I have discomfort even if a t-shirt collar touches it, it gives me a "choking" sensation.

I just returned from ortho and he says it is a sprain and can't be fixed????  "slight displacement".   C-T scan was negative except for the slightly protruding clavicle.

Dr is going to check around with collegues to see if they have any input, then either to ENT or impairment rating and I'm on my own.  So frustrating!
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Wow nice timing, I just happened to search about 'clavicle protruding'.  Indeed it sux maximally, I've had this problem for 5 yrs now and needless to say have actually spent the past year trying to fix it on my own.  Sounds like we have the same injury, so on what i notice on me thus far...the protruding clavicle (on the chest) causes the shoulder to impinge/cramp and roll forward.  Do you notice that on your injured side, your shoulder is lower than normal and slumped?  I've recently started using a single length of sports tape to lift my arm and shoulder up in place, tho i'll have to find a better ouch-free tape.  Without some kind of arm and shoulder support, I'm not sure if i have a chance of restoring it.

That clavicle and shoulder also has the effect of cramping the chest and the ribs on that side.  So i've been using a foam roller and small yoga balls to self-massage there.

I'd say the choking sensation is surely due to the clavicle and shoulder displacement.  I can feel a huge cramp underneath my 'bulb' at the base of my throat, and when i try to massage/release it my windpipe gets compressed.  

And lastly haha, I want to try cranio-sacral therapy when i have the funds.  I hear it's great for whiplash injuries, and thus may help release that 'bulb' cramp on the front of the neck as well as a (perhaps complementary) cramp that runs on the back of the neck.
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I had breast cancer on my right side and have noticed that my right collarbone has been slowly protruding outward.  The ball at the end of the collarbone feels like it is pressing on my throat.  Afraid to ask my doc as I don't want to be "that" patient.
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