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questions about a leg injury (X ray picture included)

In May of this year (2014) I was jumped and savagely beaten while I was fishing.  
I have an obvious fracture in my tibia and going into my ankle.  I was in 2 different casts the first one for about 7 week's and the second one for about 8 weeks.  This X ray was taken on 09/08/2014 and the orthopedic Dr put me into a CAM walker telling me that my bones aren't healing well.  

Anyway I wanted to get some opinions about this fracture or fractures.  If you have any experience I would like an opinion on whether or not the dr should have performed surgery or not.

Also,  up closer to my knee there is what looks like an obvious fracture.  This wasn't mentioned, and I haven't been able to run this by the dr yet.  My knee is in agony however it doesn't feel like it's pain from a fracture.  

Any opinions,  ideas,  previous or professional experience would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your time in advance.
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Btw, they ignored my fractured fib just below the knee and focused in the tib. Amazingly, once the tib did it's thing healing, the fib just mended itself without a fuss. You can't even see any residual fib scarring in the new xrays.
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Wow! I have an xray that looks just like that from 15 years ago. And I mean just like that!! I assume you were twisting under your weight as it fractured? Spiral fractures are nasty and known not to heal well.

My doctor said that to NOT do surgery was insane. So that's what I did, surgery with a plate and 8 screws, and it turned out very well. Had about a 90% recovery and I was able to play competitive sports again.

Only recently has it begun to bother me again but that's another story. If it's not too late, do the surgery or at least tie some portions together!
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