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recurring carpal tunnel

I have had carpal tunnel release on both hands about 4 years apart 20-25 years ago. I was a grocery clerk at that time. December 2006 my left elbow (outside) begain with pain burning and more pain. I guarede it iced it tigerbaumed it. In feb./2007 I started feeling familiar pain to me from past carpal tunnel. Left hand wrist hurts thumb and index finger not grabing things then the right hand. Now both hand cold,wrist pain and tenderness , hurts to entend my thumbs and index finger middle finger feeling numbness.Elbows still hurting everyday. Hands hurt to pull my pants up seems right down my old scares and thunb pain is the most bothersome.Just had a emg the right hand says borderline carpal tunnel and the left hand Dr. saif no. The left hand is the most painful. I have never returned to my job after the 2 nd release.Have been a homemaker for many years and do the same things everyday. I see the Dr. in a week. The Dr. has stated to me that carpal tunnel doesn't return? I've had successful releases 2 times and feel so right about this pain. What next for me?  
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