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rotato isdue with bruising?

Almost a year ago i started having a painless pop in my shoulder. No inquiry. Aftertime discomfort then pain set in.the popping got mpre painful and felt like it would lock. Range of motion became worse and i had a bad reaction to the cortizone shots. I hv had accupuncture as well as PT. CT shows rotator cuff tendonitis with impindgement. Heres the odd part, every so often my shoulder pain lvl will go from the normal constant 5 to a 10 and reddness, bruising and swelling starts. I have had more then my share of medical problems for my age but they are resloved. Please, i have a husband and four kids who need me workin at 100%. I need my life back but every dr says they dunno what to do.
Sincerley yours, Me
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Correction. Rotator cuff issue
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Hi there!

Rotator cuff tendonitis is an inflammation of a group of muscles in the shoulder together with bursitis. It may be caused by an acute injury or constant low grade trauma. Treatment is usually conservative in most cases though interventional means can be tried to relieve pain caused by nerve impingement. Rest, anti-inflammatory medications and ice packs followed by physiotherapy are usually effective. Cortisone injections may be beneficial to control the inflammation, while prescription analgesics may be used for severe pain. Interventional/ surgical options may be required at times in a few cases. You may like to discuss the options with your orthopedician.
Hope this was useful.

Take care!
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