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rsd-carpal tunnel

I've been recently diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy..rsd...apparently unk now at the time , I had this before my carpal tunnel surgery.. would the surgery worsen the rsd? Rsd is in both hands...I had emg done, so I definitely had carpal tunnel. My orthopedic surgeon noticed the pain, swelling, reddness and warmth in both hands when I started seeing him, approx. 4 months before the ct surgery. He told me it was unrelated to carpal tunnel..but went ahead with surgery. I am currently seeing a pain management specialist to help with the rsd...any input on this would be appreciated...Thank you
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Hello Dear,
Injury,surgery, infection and trauma to nerves can cause reflex sympathetic dystrophy.There can be aggravation of symptoms due to surgical procedures.You should consult a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist
It will help regain function and reduce discomfort.Local anaesthetics, tourniquet also help relieving pain.
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Thanks for your reply...  unfortunately my orth.since I talked to his assistant hasn't wanted to communicate with me  at all since I let them know about rsd...i'm seeing a dr. who specialized in pain management, and rsd. I've found alot of dr's have no experience and extrememly limited knowledge of rsd..which is unfortunate. I've been told if caught early ( which it generally isn't)  is much more easily treatable. I had injections in both wrists,before ct surgery- which didn't help..along with after surgery 2 courses of prednisone and a stellate nerve block..currently taking neurotin (sp?), vicodin and volatren gel for my hands. Now on course for spinal cord stim....
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