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sever leg pain

I think i have found the problem now for 4 weeks i have been having sever left leg pain starts at the knee then to the back of my leg then to the upper part towards my thigh .. and then in the front like my shinn bone at frist it only botherd me when i layed down or was sleeping  i would have to rub my leg and  take an advil or ib to feel some relief   now 4 weeks later nothing helps i have use icy hot ,bengay ,cold pad ,hot pads and  nothing seems to work for me i have only slept 10hrs in about 4 weeks iam mess and phycially iam also .. now i have gone fromit just bothering me to not being able to do my everyday thing  if i sit my leg falls asleep when i stand i have to hold on i have no strenght on my leg i have stop driving because it hurts when i sit for long periods at a time  iam miserable i went to see a orthopedic doctor and he thinks i have a lateral meniscus ... i have been schld to take a mri on nov 1st .trying to get in sooner but there schld is full and then see my orthopedic doctor again on nov 19th what do i  have to look foward to and surgery was spoke of what do i have to look foward to and how lng will the recuperation  be my job requires i stand all the time with only a 15 min break how long do u think i will be out of work .. or should i plan on being out i have to lift 80 pd bags and i stand on a hard cement floor (airport ) i only work 5 hrs and only get a 15 min break there is no light duty at my job so when should i plan on returning to a full duty job .....
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