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severe knee pain and no one knows why

Hello- so I am 20 year old female. I suddenly started getting severe knee pain about a year ago. It wouldn't be too bad, but it has gotten worse over the months. It started with my left knee just hurting occasionallu, to my knee hurting all the time, to my knee hurting all the time and then occasional swelling, to my knee hurting all the time and it is swollen 24-7.  The pain gets so bad that I get what feels like an electric stabbing pain and my knee gives out. And my hips start hurting as well. I tested for RA and it came back as negative, j went to an orthopedic surgeon, and everything came back nothing. The only thing was possible start of arthritis but no one addressed it or seemed concerned and possible Uric acid (gout) in the knee which again no one seemed to address or think that's the issue. I've had several cortisone shots, nothing helps, tramadol and baclofen, and those also do not help( they thought it could be IT band syndrome but tests again came back showing nothing). Being 20 years old, a lot of doctors I don't think I want to take me too seriously since my joints hurt and I am only 20, no injuries, no manual labor jobs. So I am stuck, they send me to a neurologist but haven't been able to get in until September. I'm begging if anyone has someone similar to what I am describing to please help. It seems like there's no answer and the pain is getting worse and worse. Usually on the side of my knee and behind. Occasionally right on top of the platela. Doesn't matter if stilling standing or laying, pain is still there and intense. Knee twitches sometimes as well and gets red some days. Doesn't get relieved with icing, hot baths, or any icy hot/ tiger balm gels. I'm really really struggling here to get an answer for over a year and dealing with this for over a year. Thank you in advance
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