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since I had a neck fusion and plates put in my neck at C5&C6, I get a head shakes from time to time lasting any where from a few moments to a few hours. is this normal?
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You can have numerous side effects and complications after a neck fusion.

Are you wearing a brace and are you using a bone stimulator?

Also, are you sleeping flat? If so, you might want to try either a wedge pillow or a recliner for a while to elevate your head while you sleep. It might or might not help, but worth a try.

Try a multivitamin regimen and try to keep your neck in comfortable positions.

Discuss with your surgeon about the head shakes.

There can be numerous side effects such as headaches and lower neck pain or shoulder pain, shooting pain in the neck or radiating pain down the arm and also tingling in hands and fingers.

Take care!

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I am 15 years old and had head trauma when I was a toddler. As long as I can remember every once in a while I can feel tense pressure come and I would shake my head vigorously for second or two. I can't find anything like it on the internet.
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