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shooting pain

For quite some time I can be perfectly fine and suddenly this jolt shooting pain goes from ankle area to my knee (only front area). It last some 1/2 minute and goes away. Lately I am getting this session at times on my ankle and my knee. Now it is nothing that I cannot function with however there has been times were the pain if I am standing lose my balance (like my leg collapses). It is a fraction but at times it is more frequant and it can happen while I am sitting, laying down or walking/standing. Any time of the day. My dr does not think it is anything however it still gives me concern. Is this from my back? I do have a pinch nerve and know what an asciatica is. That pain is different and runs from the back of the leg and can stay there. I have not had asciatica in many years.  Is this related?
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Yes, lower lumbar spinal issues should be ruled out.

Go for a lower lumbar spinal X-ray and follow up with an orthopedician to correlate all your symptoms. A neurologist can also help.

There can also be a atypical presentation of the sciatica pain which may not start from medial side of the thigh.

Take care!
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You should probably ask your doctor for Xrays or an MRI or CT scan just to make sure nothing is going on.  If they come back clean, you might speak to him about seeing a neurologist.  This could be neuropathy.  Hope you get better soon.  See a different doctor if you have to, to get a second opinion.  
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