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side effect of my medicine

i felt problem near right hip one month back. At first i took some pain killer.After sometime it was paining more and then i suggested blood test and x-ray test.In test, ESR= (56) and CRP= (15.85) was high.After then i was suggested for MRI for right SI joints.MRI report suggested of infective etiology-osteomyelitis with abscess formation.
All these happened in mumbai. After that i had to come to my home(Delhi). Here also i consulted doctors, first i took augmentin duo 1000mg for seven days with pain killer and b complex. nothing happened the i went to ganga ram hospital.where the doctor drained out the some pus accumulated over the region through injection and sent that to microbiology laboratory test.Test report says-
Direct flourescent staining for AFB(pus)-----Negative
Gram stain (Pus) --------Moderate PMN cells seen, No definite organism seen.
Name of specimen-------PUS.
ZA Stain---------------------No acid fast bacilli seen.
Routine culture and sensitivity(Pus)------No organisms were isolated after 48 hours of incubation.

Now what to do sir, yet i have to go to show the report to my doctor.
i would like your comments on this.
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Your osteomyelitis is not caused by tuberculosis as you do not have acid fast bacilli, AFB.

I would suggest you to send the sample for culture and wait for result. Osteomyelitis is commonly due to bacterial infection and you would need systemic antibiotics to cure this and for this you can follow up with the orthopedician at Ganga Ram who can cure you.

Take care!
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