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There are so many total knee replacement implants out there, how do you decide which is best?
I have seen several well reputed surgeons each of whom uses a different implant( Zimmer, Stryker and DuPuy).  Each touts the advantages of their implant.  I am an avid downhill skiier (61 years old), have been skiing for 35years.  I've already given up expert slopes and relegated myself to groomed intermediates because of knee pain. I haven't fallen in years. I never ski when there's ice and usually ski out west.  I'm bone on bone and have been told that I'm at end stage osteoarthritis and that partial knee replacement is not an option.  I need the full knee.  

Has anyone out there had experience with this?  Is one implant really better than another for certain sports? Is there any good research out there that shows why one can or can't continue to downhill ski when one is an experienced skier?
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When deciding upon which implant to use, you should always choose the one which exactly fits your size i.e. surgeon should not be doing extensive correction in your joint.
The success rate of implant you are going to choose should be the highest among the group. The failure rate should be less. Compliance for that particular implant should be highest.
If you go through the literature search for each of these available implants then you would probably find which one is better than other.
Hope this helps you.
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