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spiral fractured fibula

I broke my fibula a week ago.
X ray showed a spiral fracture with no movement, half way between the ancle and the knee.
No damadge to the knee and no damadge to the ancle.
The doctor did not put the leg in cast and said I can walk as much as I want - if I can bear the pain

1. does it make sense?
2. What is better for the recovery: to walk or to rest?
3. Are there foods that expedite healing?
4. How long is the recovery?
5. After how many weeks can I play basketball again?


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In terms of diet, it was recommended that I have extra calcium (with vitamin D) either in the form of diet or supplements to expedite healing of my broken fibula.  My doctor said full healing takes 4-6 months, so I'd be really careful with basketball, especially.  Good luck!
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