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will a laser surgery  help  ease the pain from 3 spurs in my lower back?
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     How are you? Bone spurs or osteophytes formation happens due to certain conditions like age, life style changes, abnormal posture etc. In these conditions the bone in the spinal cord enlarges causing neck and back pain. Laser surgery can be used to treat radiculopathy or nerve entrapment syndromes caused due to these bone spurs. Laser surgery is minimally invasive, with less blood loss and small incision and early recovery.
Consult a neurosurgeon for further advise on this.
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Bone spurs grow because of excess amounts of vitamin D. Supplements of vitamin D; or eating excessive food-sources of vitamin d such as cheese, milk & eggs; or excessive sunbathing. Just a small amount of sunbathing will give you enough vitamin d. Also, calcium carbonate supplements may cause bone spurs. Thus, just drink water since it contains good amounts of dissolved calcium carbonate. Remember, calcium carbonate is "bone".
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