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strange knee question

When I straighten my right knee all the way (as if I were waking up in the morning and just stretching in bed) , it hurts as if there is nothing to stretch. What could cause this?
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Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your question. Classically morning pain and stiffness at end range of motion is noted in two conditions.
Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is a common problem after 60 years of age. Patients present with knee pain that is aggravated by weight-bearing activities and relieved by rest. No systemic symptoms but usually awakens with morning stiffness that dissipates somewhat with activity. In addition to chronic joint stiffness and pain, episodes of acute synovitis may also be noted.
Osteochondritis dissecans is an intra-articular osteochondrosis of unknown etiology that is characterized by degeneration and recalcification of articular cartilage and underlying bone. In the knee, the medial femoral condyle is most commonly affected. Vague, poorly localized knee pain, as well as morning stiffness or recurrent effusion. If a loose body is present, mechanical symptoms of locking or catching of the knee joint also may be reported. Quadriceps atrophy or tenderness along the involved chondral surface is noted. A mild joint effusion may be present. Kindly  see an orthopedic surgeon in this regard.
If you have any further queries do get in touch with me.
Dr Sylvester, MD
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