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teen knee pain

im 14 and ever since i fell about a year ago i began having real bad knee pain it started in my right knee, it was relly bad & i couldnt walk w/o crutches and a knee brace for about a week. then the pain went away for a while about 4 1/2 months and now its come back but this time on  my left knee. i dont know if this has anything to do with my injury, it also could be my weight even though it shouldnt because im not too overweight just average. the pain feels like its my knee bones scraping together, its terrible,
Any help, suggestions, etc.??
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I feel sorry that at such a young age you have to go through all this.
How are you feeling?
If you give little detail regarding your symptomatology it will helpful in discussing further.
I would like to know where the pain is exactly if you have to point out with your index finger.
When did your pain begin, what were you doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms?
Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee?
Are there any positions that make your knee more or less comfortable?
What is the quality of your pain (sharp, shooting, dull, etc.)?
Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful?
Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain?
When any patient complains of “knee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder.
Keep me informed.
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the pain is inside my knee, more towards the front, and yes i feel as if the bones in my knee were grinding together. while sitting and laying down my knee feels fine, it triggers when i walk and stand. its a sharp pain, yes i went to the doc and he gave me a knee brace and crutches which i used for a week, and this was after i had xrays done on both knees. oh, and no ive never had surgery, & neither my hip nor ankle hurt.
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Your symptoms of pain inside and towards front that is anterior knee pain may be due to Patello-femoral disorder.
Your symptom of grinding is characteristic of osteoarthritis.
I think you should be seeing be an orthopaedician at earliest and get imaging study done. You should be doing X-rays, including AP, lateral, sunrise, and posteroanterior views with the knee flexed to 45°, should be obtained.
Treatment options include Conservative care, including rest, weight loss (when appropriate), physical therapy—including nonimpact exercises, such as swimming- acetaminophen, NSAIDs, heat modalities, activity modification, ambulatory aids, such as a cane, should be used. Topical analgesic therapy with methylsalicylate or capsaicin cream may be beneficial. Oral glucosamine sulfate (1500 mg) and chondroitin sulfate (1200 mg) taken daily are also helpful. Intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid improve symptoms temporarily but typically need to be repeated periodically (about once every 6 months). Intra-articular injections of corticosteroid and anesthetic may also be helpful. Surgical options are reserved for persistent or severe symptoms and include arthroscopy, osteotomy, and total knee replacement.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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thankyou so much
i have a doc's appt soon
ill let u know
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hey, well i ended up going to the doctor about my knee pain
he sent me to get 6 sessions of physical therapy on my right knee
there they gave me laser on the knee, after the 1st session it got alot better
now ive had 6 the pain is pretty much gone but i still feel pain when sqatting and going up the stairs.
my left knee has started to hurt so he recommended i go to physical therapy again, but this time on both knees.
basically, the laser really helped, and my knee specialist told me that this pain wasn't anything serious but that it was very comming in girls 13-18 and with the physical therapy it should go away, so maybe it's patellofemoral disorder?
thankss alot
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I am a 14 year old female that has had knee pain for the past 4 years. I am very active in sports. I play softball, track, lacrosse, and I horseback ride. I have pain everyday. My pain is usually on the outside side and in the knee cap. Everytime i walk around i hear a cracking in my knee. Last year i went to my doctor and they sent me to physical thearpy. My thearpist said that i had an upsilp with my pelvis and i had tight hamstrings. He gave me streches to do and they havent been helping. I feel that my knee pain has been the worse in the past few months. I feel that i have this bump on my knee. I dont think it is osgood schlatter. I have been icing it and putting a heating pad on it when it hurts and that does not help at all. Is this a serious problem? PLEASE HELP ME!  
write ASAP!!  thanks    Amy
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hi amy, im not a doctor but i have knee pain alot, im 15 now but ive had pain for a while i went to the doctor n he sent me to physical therapy, at therapy they used a laser which helped ALOT at first be cause my pain was so bad i would limp. after the laser it hurt ALOT less but still was there. then i went to my specialist again and he said that it could be patella femoral disorder, and its very common in girls 13-18 and he said it was because in women, the pelvis is wider than the width of the knees and be cause of this it hurts, but with age and as you grow it'll go away. But i dont know about the bump, it might be a calssification, when calcium builds up and rubs on the bone and that also causes pain. Ask your doctor for an MRI to see if anythings wrong. For me my doctor gave me a cortizone shot where it hurt and it hasnt hurt for like 1 month. I hope i helped!!
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Hey thanks for all of your info. I am going to the doctor next monday. I will ask her about my knee and that agian. Are you still doing physical thearpy and sports? Did they ever tell you to take a break from them for a month because of your knee? Do you wear a brace. I have to or that is what my doctor wants me to do but i do it. Mine is a special one from my physical thearpist. Thanks agian. Amy
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hey, no i stopped the physical therapy after like 13 s eessions because it wasn't making it any better, it did at first but not anymore towards the end. And i ddp wear a brace but only when it hurts. also i don't play sports, but stressing the knee alot could hurt it.
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hey thanks so much! i will give u the info about my knee when i go see my doctor. Thanks!  Amy
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heyy no problemm, anytime
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hey, so yestorday i went to the doctor and told her about my knee. she does not know what is worng with it so she told me to go get x-rays and i am going this morning to go get them. i will let you know how they go. Amy
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yestorday i got my xrays done and i got the results. they said that the xray said that my knee was normal. I still think that something is still wrong with my knee. they did not say anything about physical thearpy so i dont no. ok well i am not going to talk for a while because i am going to virginia for a month. have a good summer and i will keep u updated.   Amy
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hey, well thanks for the update, and next time you go to the doctor ask for an mri, and if its anything serious youll see it there. but the same happened to me i had like 5 xrays to see, and everything was normal, the i had an mri and it also said everything was normal but my knee was still hurting so then i got the cortizone shot and it hasnt hurt since then. but have a good vacation, feel better.
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Hey, I am still in virginia. I had my physical therapy today and my therapist said that my upslip has healed but now he thinks i have a Chondromalacia Patella. He gave me more streches to do and i have to go there once a week. He thinks that because now my knee is making this clicking/cracking noise everytime i move it. It is the worst when i go up and down the stairs and then it locks up. I will keep you updated. Thanks   Amy
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Hey, sorry i forgot to say that my therapist said for my to get foot orthotics. So i am going to get those too.  Amy
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hi i have random aches in my knees sometimes which forces me to lean to either leg thats not hurting at that time..and i also have my legs giving out, and ive fallen a few times, but most of the time im able to catch my balance.

the most recent time my leg gave out, that was also the worst fall ive experienced..both my legs became completly limp and my knees were bent and within seconds i found myself flat on my face..i was dizy for like two seconds but got right back up and everything was fine again.

does anyone know what this could be or mean??
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Hi I'm 22 and a college student and for the past 4 months I have had right knee pain.I saw the doctor and they had me do 6 physical therapy sessions and after all 6 I didn't see any changes the pain and swelling were still there. I also get some grinding in my knee now and then. I contacted my local doctor and an ortho doct and they did an MRI and xray and they don't see any problems. I still get the pain and swelling a lot. They didn't have me get a knee brace but what should i do about it. I don't have any other ideas. thanks
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I am a college student and for the past few months my right knee has been becoming an serious issues. It began around 2011 but for the past few weeks my right knee has been getting swollen and enflamed. Today when I was walking around a bit it felt like my right knee was going to pass out and it started getting weak. the problem has been on going. I have contacted my RN at the hospital and contacted the doctor and they did xrays and 2 mri's and we still don't see the problem and the issue is getting worse. any ideas of what I should do. I have had 8 therapy sessions but i don't see any changes just more problems. Any ideas. Thanks Ryan
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