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tibia and fibula fracture

Is it normal for a patient to be sent home with a closed tibia and fibula fracture, both bones completely seperated, in a soft splint when there is splintering (crushed) of the bone as well? My childrens father was sent home from the emergency room and died 6 hours later from a fat embolism.

S. Morris
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hi, Im a 13 year old boy and I have a spiral fracture of my left fib. I saw the doc 3 days later and he YANKED and poked the area asking "dose this hurt?''. I said yes to all and he left foe 1 min and told me no casting was needed and it dose not  hurt bad to start stepping down on it. it hurts so bad now and my mom is debating getting a second opinion.
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I strongly suggest you not to neglect any fracture of your long bones as you are young and as your long bones have to grow properly so you do not want any complications.

Follow up with an orthopedician and go for and X-ray scan and if there is any fracture go for a proper treatment protocol. If there is no fracture with rest and some pain killers the pain will subside.

Take care!
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