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torn meniscus

I am 30 years old male, I practice from time to time 1-2 times week one of these sports (tennis, soccer, badminton, squash, volleyball).

2 years ago I started to feel some mild pain while playing sports or jogging.

Last year I did physical therapy targetting to strenghten the knee (my PT thought is a patellofemoral syndrome).

after 2 months the pain become was reduced.

this summer again, I started having the same pattern of pain even after 1 mile of fast walking.

I was able to see a knee specialist, and after an MRI, they found the following:

Full Thickness vertical tear of the red-white junction of the posterior Horn of Medial meniscus. There is no free fragment, bucket handle or secondary osteoarthridis.

I surgery is scheduled next monday, and Since I am planning to be very active this summer and cannot take more than 1 week of time off from my job, I am worried how much does it take to completly recover from this kind of surgery if :

1-the torn mensicus portion was removed

or  in the case the surgeon put it back

1 more question:

Since I do not feel any locking or major disconfort with my knee, and even the mcmurray and other tests failed to make me feel the pain, I was wondering if in my case, the surgery is the only option ?

I was not able to discuss these issues with my surgeon, and the next time I can see him is 5 minutes before the surgery, so I better cancel the surgery now if it can wait of it is not really needed:)

Thank you


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three operations-2 on r/knee with removal and 1-on left knee-pined togeather.all three operation took between 8-10 weeks before normal-swelling is main thing to keep down and rebuilding knee strength,
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Thank you bill for sharing this with me. but there is no expert on this website to answer my questions ?
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