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weakness in legs can't stand very long

I have progressive weakness in legs. Everything else including MS has been ruled out. I have been searching for 6 years for the reason for this weakness. I am 58. I have OA and have had both hips replaced and now my knee successfully. I have been to the Mayo clinic to rule out ms and had an extensive ems. I have degenerative disc and facet joint problems . When I went to a spine surgeon 6 years ago when this started, he did an mri and said I would eventually need a fusion but that I was"too young". My life is sitting in a chair all day as I get weak after I stand up in the am. I can't go shopping or stand in any line anywhere. I used to maintain a large garden. How do I find a spine specialist that will listen to me??
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Dear flowerfloosey (love your user name!)
I am sorry you are having the weakness that is affecting your daily life.  I would ask around to see if anyone can recommend a specialist.  If no luck there, have you tried asking your primary doc for a name?  Last resort, I would look in the yellow pages/internet and go down the line and schedule consultations with the doctors listed.  Make sure you have your medical records from any labs/xrays in the past. Also, take a printed list of all your medications with dosages and frequency.  It is also a good idea to bring a list of questions with you.  Might I also suggest taking a family member or friend with you to the appt.  They can be instrumental in remembering concerns you have forgotten and also remembering what the doctor says at the consulation.  
Good luck
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