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what does it mean, lower back hurts and i try movement get a sharp pain?

A few days ago I slipped on ice twice and I can't extension or flexion but I can twist. I have never had this happen to me, I am only 17 going to college and this pain is killing me.  i have a tingling in my left leg, while my lower back hurt and when i try to move to much i get a sharp pain, also when going swimming i get a pain/tingling through my whole body.
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Ouch, sounds painful!  How is it now a few days later?  In general, pain like that should be checked out.  Clearly you hurt yourself when you fell.  I have broken my tail bone and it is painful and moving makes it so.  However, sitting? even worse.  But you describe tingling which sounds like something may have shifted a bit and is compressing a nerve. But I, of course, don't really know over the internet so you should seek help from a medical professional.  In the mean time, try ibuprofen to help reduce immflamation and then you can use a heat and cold approach (ice and heating pad).  Also, try to gently stretch your lower back and gluteus maximus (butt).  :>)  Hope it is all better by now!
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