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wrist popping pain

I injured my right wrist about 4 weeks ago, i hurt it moving a few things around, but not to bad it didnt really bother me. I bowled on a bowling league a week later and hurt it worse it seemed.  I let it heal a week then bowled and it was ok, a lil stiff but didnt hurt to much.  A week later it seemed healed, just a lil sore when i flexed it alot.  I bowled 3 balls and on my 3rd ball my hand just let go, i couldnt stop it, it makes a popping noise/feel when i move it a certain way with pressure on it or something in my hand but doesnt with a empty hand.  It hurts when it does this popping and more or less my hand gives out, it has been two days and its still the same, it doesnt hurt any other time, just when i move it a certain way with somekind of pressure or object in hand.  I did go to the dr after i hurt it bowling the first time, he said it was all ok and gave me a cortisone shot, oh and it didnt do the popping after the first bowling time, it just hurt bad to where i couldnt move it without it hurting. The popping started this past monday night and has been doing it since then.  Im niot sure if its a tendon or what, but i know its not a sore muscle, i also have a lil sist the dr said it was on top of my wrist in middle of joint, he said it  formed from inflamation and he gave me the cortisone shot in the sist which helped a lil with making it go down, but after last monday it sweeled back up and today the sweeling has gone down some.
Im going to the dr tomorrow but just wanted to post here and see what responses i get.
Thanks for any help, Troy
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Hello Dear,
A fusion of any joint eliminates pain by making all the bones grow together into one solid bone. When the bone ends can no longer rub together, there is no more pain.
The goal of a wrist fusion is to get the radius in the forearm, the carpal bones of the wrist, and the metacarpals of the hand to fuse into one long bone. The ulna of the forearm is not included in the fusion. The joints between the ulna and the radius are what allows you to turn the palm of your hand up and down. By not fusing the ulna, you should still be able to rotate your hand. However, you will not be able to bend your wrist after the operation.
Arthritic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, fractures, dislocations, or long-time instability of the wrist bones can destroy all or most of the cartilage that forms the smooth surface of the many wrist bones. When that happens, the wrist becomes painful and loses motion
When the pain and functional impairment keeps you from your daily activities, you may seek the advice of your physician. You may consider wrist replacement surgery. The surgery is complicated.
The decision of fusion or replacement will depend on your symptoms and pathology of the joint.Best can be decided by your surgeon.

Refer http://www.allaboutarthritis.com/AllAboutArthritis/layoutTemplates/html/en/contentdisplay/document/condition/arthritis/clinicalArticle/Wrist_Replacement_Surgery.htm
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