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xray results - please explain in common terms:)

anyone know what this means?
thanks in advance:)
transverse band of sclerosis involving distal lft radius 1cm proximal to radiocarpal articulation from previous fracture. there is benign cortical thickening involving radial aspect of distal ulna, 5cm proximal to the ulnar styloid.
i had a distal radius fracture a year or so ago, now pain all the time, thought i may have refractured, have an appt for surgeon but really don't have the money to shell out right now - i am guessing this means they would want to do a "clean out " surgery?
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Hi there!

Sclerosis refers to increased density of bone following increased fibrosis possible secondary to injury and inflammation. Sclerosis does not usually require surgical management. Other possibilities of symptoms such as infections, inflammations, avascular necrosis, soft tissue injuries etc may need to be considered. I would suggest discussing the situation and the management plan in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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I got to the doctor and she saying  I have a mild is present at the lumbosacral junction facet joints. What that means, ihave sclerosis I gonna be paralized or not
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