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Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements

Based on new research that calcium and vit. d supplements do not prevent fractures, why should I continue to take them? I have taken 1000mg calcium +400mg vit. d supplements for years and have not had any positive results in my bone scans.(I jog regularly, eat a healthy high fiber, low fat diet which includes approx. 1500mg of calcium. I can't take bisphosphonates because I have chronic periodontitis. I'm against taking other osteoporosis drugs because I don't believe long terms effects have been studied adequately.)
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Hi there!

Researches are pieces of individual work. Multiple standard researches are usually required to establish facts and form opinions. Anyhow if supplements have not shown improvement in the bone mass it is likely that the issue lies at the absorption or the receptor level. Aside bisphosphonates there are other medications that may be helpful in improving bone mass. I would suggest consulting a endocrinologist and an orthopedician for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Thanks. Excellent ideas.
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I was diagnosed with zoster a few years ago during an xRay for something else. My own doctor has never even discussed it with me. My mother, who is now 90, has it plus scoliosis.  She would never take Fosomax.  Now, other CT scans And MRI's I have had done for abdominal problems are showing degeneration in my neck, worsening degeneration in L1 and L2 and my right femur.  My Endo dic put me on calcium and Vit D, 3000 IU daily but due to the stomach problems, I have stopped taking any extra supplements.  I am 63 and not sure what to do!
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     So sorry this is happening to you.  I am a believer in natural supplements and cannot take Fosomax, Boniva or Evista.   Don't even want to try the nasal spray.

I am taking Calcium, vit. D3 and just ordered Vit. K2.  I also take DHEA and fish oil Omega 3.  - True, it doesn't work as fast as the drugs, but, this is my body and I can't take drugs that could hurt my liver.

     I sympathize with you.  There seems to be some sort of trigger in the food we eat that causes osteoporosis and many other diseases.  I try to eat only non-GMO foods (hard to do and expensive) because the food we eat nowadays has very little nutrition.
      Some doctors suggest EDTA to chelate the calcium out of the blood and into the bones.  Don't know if it really works - but I'm game.  I'll try most things to stay away from chemicals.

     Did you try taking your vitamins with food?  Did it help?  Some say to take on an empty stomach, but I have a weak stomach and things upset it easily.  

         Wishing you the best.
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