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Female Osteoporosis

I'm a 59 y/o postmenopausal female that was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis with a T score of -3.2. Was sent to an endocrine doc and did several blood tests as well. The doc wanted to start me on hormone therapy and injections based on my bone density test. I was prescribed the estrogen Duavee 20 mg daily and Prolia 60 mg shots every 6 months. Has anyone had experience with Duavee or Prolia? My doc did not go over the side effects of these but when I looked up Duavee it looked like hormone meds had severe side effects, one being particularly important to women, the increased risk of uteurus cancer.

I guess I read that some take progestins with it to help decrease the risks of uterus cancer, but on the warning it says not to mix any additional estrogens or progestins together. Are these meds worth the benefits over the cons? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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Can you request that they just start you off with the Prolia and leave the hormone off?  That way, you can tell if the side effects are being caused by Prolia, or by the hormone.  Just a thought.
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