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Fosamax Need advice?


Just found out I have osteoporosis. T-score is -2.9 in spine and -2.6 in hip.  My Dr.has prescribed Fosamax but I am scared to start taking it.  I'm hoping to hear both good and bad experiences to help me make up my mind.  Thanks!
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I won't take that class of drugs and now there are warnings on Fosamax causing bone fractures.  Ambulance chasers already out there. My neighbor takes the other drug with no problem.
My enodcronologist has me on Vit D for my Osteo and I have noticed a difference.
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I took Fosamax two times and I was sick for a month.  I had the worst upper GI problems - terrible burning sensation - had to sleep upright, eating was a problem.  As for the new information on bone breaking, my doctor keeps telling me that it's not true with short term use. If you decide to take it, make sure you have an end date.  For example, take if for a year or two, not the rest of your life.  My osteo is as bad as yours.  I've tried doing all the all natural route with exercise and vitamin supplements.  It's getting worse.  The latest thing I'm trying is Fosteum which is an all natural medically prescribed food.  After 6 months on that my CTX serum numbers are not improving.  I'm hopeful that after a year, I will see some improvements.  If this doesn't work, after my experience with Fosamax, I don't know what I'll do.  The alternatives to this drug seem far worse.  My doctor keeps pushing Reclast - administered by IV once a year.  The side effects seem far worse than Fossamax.  I'm also beginning to wonder if the whole osteoporosis thing is a big hoax from the big pharaceutical companies?  If you saw me, I certainly don't look like I'm going to break a bone!  I've very healthy and athletic.  In fact, I have never had a fracture.  If you decide to go all natural, keep your muscles strong.  My suspicion is that is the answer to osteo.  There is so much more than just bone density that factors into breaking bones - muscle strength, core strength, balance, coordination, etc.  Good luck to you!
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