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Osteo vs Injury to Hip: Which came first

One year ago I fell at work on some ice. Fell on cox sic and R hip area. It felt like someone had driven a knife into my hip. On the injury report I reported hip and low back pain. An Xray was done and then a MRI on my lumbar sacrum area. Slight disk buldge and no impingement on nerves, some early signs of arthritis. I was still complaining  about hip pain but no one listened until a month ago. My symptoms were and still are: Pain in my right foot when I sit a certain way walk a certain way,  sit on toilet a certain way, sleep on my right side, back/stomach a  certain way.

OK now for the hip: Dull pain along with sharp pain depending on how I move. Pain in inner groin/hip area. Hip occasionally locks up on me when I stand up from a sitting position.

I just finally recieved the results from the MRI with Contrast a  year after the initial injury. I was also diagnosed two years ago with Hashimotos and I do have issues with arthritis although still trying to get a handle on it as I speak. Here is the report:

Indication: R hip pain, question labral tear.
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