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Osteoporosis of the Knee

What are things you can do to help with this?  I got a cortisone shot yesterday. Since it is only in my knee, are there meds to take? vitamins? knee braces?
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I take Black cherry extract for my arthritis. It is the best thing that I have found so far and healthier for you. I take 2 750 mg pill each night before bed. For the first week I took two three times a day to get them built up in my system. Also a brace or ace bandage helps when I am having a bad knee days to keep them a little more stable. Hope this info helps you. Have a blessed day.
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For osteoporosis you have to eat healthy and consider life style changes and also start taking supplements.

Follow up with an orthopedician and consider high protein diet, calcium supplementation, hormone replacement, vitamin D etc for your osteoporosis.

Take care!
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