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I have been diagnosed with low bone density and prescribed Boniva.  Recently, I have also been diagnosed with Gastroparesis and cannot start the Boniva.  How will will this affect my bone health and what else can I do to prevent further bone loss without aggravating the Gastro. problem.  Also I am very achy in various areas of my body.  Can this be from the Osteoporosis?  Thank you.
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Vivian here with answers to help you now.

Don't worry about not being able to take Boniva. Actually, it might even be a blessing in disguise... Boniva (like Fosamax and Actonel) can have serious side-effects besides hurting the stomach. Check out this link when you have a minute:


It has free detailed information about these meds. In my years of helping women like you fight and conquer osteoporosis without taking toxic drugs I found that even women without Gastroparesis have stomach trouble taking those prescriptions.

Believe it or not, in my research I found that bone loss is due to the body trying to correct an imbalance of the body's pH. The good news is that it's easy to correct without any major effort. It has to do with the food we eat and how we combine the different foods during a meal. The wrong pH balance can also cause achy joints, even arthritis.

Exercise is very helpful, especially weight-bearing exercise like walking. It doesn't hurt to stretch and relax... Let me know if you have more questions.

Stand tall and best regards,

Vivian Goldschmidt, M.A.

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mY Doctor told me to use the nyknyc weight vest to help strengthen my bones . I have osteoporosis and I am using the vest now for 5 months  and am getting more bone density by using it .
the vest is really great because it is adjustable , its comfortable and can hold as much as 10 pounds.
Can you tell me how much weight is good to use with my vest?
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I just love this vest ! I actually won it as a prize on the AARP website- it was valued at $75.00 !
Though its a weighted vest  its really great for a womans body , soft and looks very sleek so I can wear it out anytime anyplace and look ... normal - this vest does not look strange or embarrasing like other vests do- Some of those vests out there make you look like you are gonna detonate yourself but not this or join a S.W.A.T team!
The nyknyc vest really does work I am getting denser bones just by walking in the vest.
Worth a try- Unless you would rather  use dangerous drugs like Fosamax etc which can give you cancer etc and and wreck your health  for the vest go to  www.nyknyc.com you can really save your bones for 75.00 worth a try.
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