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To Reclast or Not?

I am a 67 female and have osteopenia and osteoporosis.  I have had two infusions..once a year for Reclast.  The more I have read about it, the more iffy I am about getting my 3rd infusion since more info is coming out on it with people calling it poison.  It is also called zoledronic acid.??   I am 5 3 and weigh 126.   I have small bones and have had rheum arth than 33 yrs.  the issues I worry about with the reclast is that it can cause afib and kidney issues.  the med stays in your system for a full year and if there is a problem with it, there is no antidote.  My dr is worried about a fall or broken hip.  This would be my 3rd reclast infusion.  My last dexa showed a 2% improvement.  I've been hearing stories on med groups of people having issues with walking, still in a wheelchair after the infusion.  these may be rare and prob are but wanted to touch base with others who have been on RECLAST.  I will have to make the decision and let my rheumy know is a month or two. I have so many other things going on with my r/a.....the list grows and grows.  any opinions on the reclast.?  Thank you...
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