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Vitamin D and Calcium?

I have chronic muscle problems, I took high D doses, and then had relief. Now i'm toxic and have to stop per my blood test. I'm wondering if the d was only maximizing the absorption of calcium I had just increased along with it, so I only got real relief from better calcium levels in my body. Can anyone discuss this with me or comment on their understanding or the vitamins relationship? Is tingling feet, tinnitis, numbness in jaw area that comes and goes really a mild version of osteopenia? Maybe I was wrong and it's all about calcium in my situation and I'm struggling to absorb it?
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Hi there!

Vitmin D works by increasing the calcium absorption in the intestine and promoting bone mineralization. It also affects some neuromuscular reactions, independent of the calcium levels. Both hypercalcemia (increased serum calcium) and hypervitaminosis D (increased Vitamin D) could occur independent of each other, though hypercalcemia is a common manifestation of hypervitaminosis D. However hypervitaminosis D can also occur with increased vitamin D supplements, with or without ‘more than necessary’ calcium intake (though increased calcium intake can further aggravate the symptoms). ‘Tingling feet, tinnitis, numbness in jaw’ could be related to altered calcium levels in blood (with or without manifest osteopenia). However there are other established causes that could present similarly infections, inflammations, such as vitamin B12 deficiency, diabetes, hypothyroidism, vascular issues etc. These is best evaluated by your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
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