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pain after sitting . difficulty lifting leg to take step.

severe pain in left groin , buttock, and thigh area. unable to walk without support. this occurs after sitting even for short periods.
Comes and goes for weeks at a time.
unable to have MRI due to Neuro spinal stimulator implant.  unable to diagnos without one.  Any one have like symptoms?
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I don't really think you have symptoms of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is often a symptom free condition.   You don't know until you break a bone.  It's a silent disease  A rare person has symptoms.  Anyway, the way they check for osteoporosis at my doctors office is this imagine machine you put your hand into.  It's called a dexa scan.  Could you have an impinged nerve causing your pain?  That would be more of my guess.  
thanks. sounds plausible.
I did have a dexa scan which Dx osteopenia tho.  My 2nd Dexa scan
two years later  showed no further deficit .
So maybe it is neuro related.
I have a neuro stimulator devise implanted in my spine for two years now.  Maybe related to that.. sure is painful when it flares up... can barely lift my foot to walk.

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