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Ileostomy ...appliances don't stick

Hi I am hoping someone will check this site & if they have suggestion it would be great.  Have had ileostomy for 26 years & now for at least 2 years I get these blow outs as I call them & that can happen right after I changed it in the day time & or while I am sleeping. I have changed as often as 3 times daily & flange lasts 2 days and I use Duct tape to seal the flange.

Is there any tips you may have?  It would really be helpful because I am ready to pull my hair out.

P.S.  was told by ET nurse & manufacturer that the addhesive on the flange will not stick if you are under stress.  Yes I am stessed.
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I am an et nurse.  Stress has nothing to do with it unless u put it on in a hurry and dont pay attention.  Ileostomies usuallly do not have lots of gas, but check foods that cause gas...r u emptying it when half full?  Do u have any skin break down around the stoma?  U r welcome to private message me.
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Hi I am an ET nurse. Have you measured your stoma to make sure that when you apply it that it is not touching the stoma at all. Have you gained or lost any weight? 5 lbs can  make a difference in the contours of the abdomen and size and shape of the stoma. Do you use convexity and a belt. Does your stoma protrude? Is your skin completely dry? Do you have any moisture coming from your skin? Next time you change your appliance sit down and check the contours of your abdomen with the appliance off. If you have any dips they may need to be filled with paste. or coloplast strip past or a ring convex flange.These can be used to fill any areas around the stomas making a smooth surface before application of your flange. Please feel free to send me a private message. Joy
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Mother had a temporary ileostomy last year and we had all kinds of leakage problems with it.  About a month before she had her reversal, we discovered a product called Eakin seals.  These worked great for us and she could wear the bags for several days without a leak.  

We used convex bags along with the seals.  The way we did it, I rolled the Eakin seal between my hands to make it long like a snake, then put the seal around the hole on the bag.  Then I warmed the whole thing with a hairdryer for several seconds before applying the bag.  Finally, we used something hot - for us, a heating pad type of rice-filled cloth bag - and held it over the bag for about 10-15 minutes.

Mother's stoma was in the fold of her skin around from her navel.  We tried the tube paste, strip paste, and a different ring which was almost like the strip paste.  We thought that ring was working ok - we could at least go 2-3 days - but then we started having problems again.  That's when we decided to try one of the samples of Eakin seals.  I expected them to be about the same as the others, but these were a different texture.  They worked wonders for us the last month she had her ileostomy.

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Hello, I had ileostomy surgery in 1988...A few years ago, I had the same problem as you.  A post surgery exploratory lap infection nearly killed me, destroyed the Facia, created two large hernia's and disfigured my belly along with a permanent retracted stoma during the healing process.  I couldn't keep a seal, either.  Then, experimented with various brands and designs, I discovered a wafer with built-in convexity.  I began using those along with an Eakin seal....I use Stomahesive powder and skin prep with each change, as well.  I can now get nearly one week's wear out of one appliance.  .....I am 75 years old, still ride motorcycles and fly airplanes.  Never give up.
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