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Ileostomy reversal - wound issues

Hi. I had an emergency ileostomy in Nov 2013 which was all very unexpected. I went in last week to have it reversed. The surgeon decided the best healing route for the wound would be to leave it open. The District Nurse comes daily to re-pack it. I am really concerned because the wound site is extraordinarily painful and my tummy is so distended. The wound constantly oozes and although the DN's have said the wound isn't showing sign of infection, obviously I find this concerning. I'm getting nerve pain through my tummy and into my hips which are really uncomfortable, plus lower back pain.
I wanted to know if anyone else has been through this and if it's normal? Also, what is the healing time as it seems I could be looking at weeks of packing? I feel so alone through this with no one to ask what is normal.
Many thanks x
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  Hi...new to all this via my MIL....she just got a perm ostomy.....and is also having wound healing issues and she is on the 5th week of a wound vac...something u may want to look into.....

Wish I could offer more info, but I really do not know much on this topic./

Good luck
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