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Iliostomy reversal surgery

Hi. I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has had the above surgery? I had emergency full colectomy in December from severe c-diff and am now considering a reversal surgery. I was hoping to find some help weighing the pros and cons.
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I have not had the surgery but I talked with my nurses today and we think that the best decision for me is to keep the ileostomy. I do not have a large intestine anymore and my quality of life has greatly improved because of it. I will not have the ability to hold anything once/if my ileostomy were to be reversed.

That would be my main concern.

There is tons of stuff on youtube! I would check out there too.
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Thanks for your input. I had an appointment with a surgeon who said "you might have chronic diarrhea and maybe can't hold it but maybe not. He was pretty much useless and I Would not choose to see him if I were to go through with it. I was so bummed after hearing that and got a lot of anxiety and depression after. I had to stop researching for a while. None of my previous Drs mentioned this so I guess I have a lot to think about. It also took 6 months to heal from my 1st surgery so I'm not in a big hurry. I still have pain and am also trying to sleep again without meds. May I ask what your surgery was from? Also have you heard of a j pouch? I'm also just getting off sleep meds and now can't sleep anyway I'm not receiving much feed back and don't really know where else to look. I appreciate your suggestion of YouTube and I will definitely try there. Thank you! I hope all's well with you.
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Hey there,

I know how frustrating it is and unfortunately because everyone is different the surgeons words make sense. I had to have surgery due to severe Ulcerative Colitis. Unfortunately my colon was ruptured during a sigmoidoscopy so I had to have emergency surgery as well.

I spoke to my nurses and doctors of a reversal as well but the risks of diarrhea and other complications has made me change my mind. I still have anxiety as well as a small amount of UC left and I would rather wait until my life is completely stable and my health is stable before I decide or make any decisions when it comes this surgery.

I have heard of the Jpouch and unfortunately i don't trust my body enough with that. I have a very over active immune system. They took my colon so now my immune system is going after my liver it seems. I never used to be the type to wait out on the side lines before something had proven itself to work and maintain a stable lifestyle. I have not met enough people who have went through a reversal for me to recommend it for myself or anyone else at this point.

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