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Rectal pooping

Hi all, I'm new on here, and 1st time help seeker.  Hope everyone is well.  I had a permanent iliostomy done 14 months ago.  Through that time I have suffered a lot with a great deal of mucus from the rectum.  I've had tests and they have found the start of colitis in the rectum so have been put on predisalone enemas 2 weeks on 2 weeks off regime.  Today I felt a lot of wind in the back passage which I was able to pass, but then felt the urge to go. (Very scary seeing that I have had no urges for over 5 years) hence needing surgery... I sat on the toilet and passed a very large stool.  I was shocked and even asked my hubby if I was seeing correctly.  It was no way mucus, it was definitely stool. I'm concerned as when I had the surgery done, my consultant told me I would pass stool in the beginning until my rectum and large bowel was clear, then there would be no stool able to get there.  I'm very worried as I'm having so many problems as is.  I'm left in a lot of pain, cramping etc.  is this normal guys????
Thanks Emma
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Hi Emma!

I am guessing that your are actually all reconnected other than an ostomy to catch the waste, correct?

Some stomas tend to be different than others, actually, and our bodies are all different. When my ET nurse said that I could possibly still have bowel movements I was terrified because, well, what was the point of the surgery of I was still going to have to suffer the pain of using the rest room.
I, too, still have colitis in my rectum and I pass a lot of mucus. This is probably my own doing as, like every normal human, I wanted a break. After my surgery I took medication for a while but saw no improvement so I decided I give my body a break from all of the chemicals.
Now, if I try to push the mucus out I tend to get cramping and an uncomfortable feeling. The doctors told me that this is because my body is unsure of what is going on and it knows something is off. I don't blame it. I can push out what isn't there, even if there is urgency.

Anyway, yes, this is normal. Stool can still pass past the stoma and out the rectum normally. Some people do it every week while others can take months or years!

It is painful and I would still bring it up to your doctor, but it's nothing to worry about. If there is blood or any other complications, then yes, there could be something off.
Understand that this is all new and it could take 2-5 years before your body fully adapts to these chances. I've had my ostomy for 10 months and 7 days and I'm still learning too.
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