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bowel movements

I has emergency surgery two weeks ago and had all of my colon and bowel removed. Non reversible. Can anyone who has had this done tell me if they had any normal bowel movements after surgery. I thought it would be impossible and the nurse said that you sometimes feel like you have to go but dont. I definately have had a couple of bowel movements and think this feels weird. Nurse said could be as surgery was emergency I didnt get a bowel prep first. She didnt really convince me that it was normal though. Any ideas?
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i had the same operation done 2 years i go i also get the feeling i want to go with the fact that i release a small amount of discharge and sediment, i am waiting to go into hospital to have my rear end sealed completely to stop this, you could be experience the same thing have a word with your doctor  or stoma nurse. hope this helps
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The substance that is coming out of your rectum is most likely mucous. It's usually a bit lighter in color than normal stool, but it can still smell pretty foul, or it may have no odor at all. Best of luck to you. If you have questions, skip the nurse and ask someone who has a colostomy, unless it's an emergency, of course.
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