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hi im 50 and have resently come out of hospital after haveing my lower intestine repaird ready for refersal,i had a colostomy bag fitted 2 and a half years ago,after haveing a large absist removed from my intestines which was caused by diverticulitus decease,lucky to be hear realy thanks to the surgeon god bless him.almost a year after i had an ileostomy,which was a bit easier to handle,then i was going to have a refursal but due to the scar tissue of my lower intestine it had closed up and unfortunatly it was impossible for them to remove the bag,this is what the last opperation i had was for,to repair the intestine that was closed,thay were going to remove the piece of intestine that was closed due to the scar tissue but dicided on a new oppstion which was to split the intestine and open it up by stretchine it open which all went well,but unfortunatly by doing it that way thay punctured the part of intestine which gladly thay repeard without any problems phew!!!but now my stoma has prolapsed more than it was before and nearly reaches the bottom of my stoma bag,which is a bit uncomfortable but my stoma nurses asure me there is nothing to be alarmed about as long as my stoma is good in couler which thankfully it is,sorry to have gone on so long but i was wondering if anybody else has been through this same sort of situation and now that im on my last run of my refersal which i hope will be soon could anybody tell me if the ileostomy refersal went well please.thank you,russell
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r u using a 2-piece symptom?  or 2-piece apliance.cos a 1-piece is hard with a ptolapsed stome....many get this surgically corrected but i alot of cases, it the stoma is red and viable..it is actually easier to puch cos the contents will go in the bag vs leaking under the wafer like those do with a flush stoma//at skin level or below..talk to ur surgeon about it..as a rule it is not really dangerous...just not very visibly appeasing to the person....physically acceptance3 of a stoma is hard//more so for females....let me know/pm me if u need any help
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