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leaking ileostomy site

I have a patient who has a fairly new ileostomy  stoma is retracted and leaks from 6-9 oclock;  his skin is extremetly denuded.  what exactly is domboro solutioin, how often do use use it?  any suggestions
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The best way to soothe denuded skin is to wash with an antacid like Maalox. Use a tissue to catch any drainage from the stoma while the antacid dries - the apply a light dusting of kayara powder to aid healing. Then apply the pouch. Your patient will need an appliance with a convex faceplate - I have had success with Coloplast Assura. I am an RNET and have had an iliostomy since 1974. Good luck.
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Hi I am an ET I agree with Maalox but you could also try Calamine lotion  as it helps to sooth and dry your skin. It does go on wet but dries quickly. Apply 2 coats allowing to dry between coats. What appliance are you using now? Are you using paste and if so put your flange on and then apply it on top around the stoma to act as a caulking. The paste contains alcohol and will burn your skin when applied to open weeping skin and will only add to the problem.It is a good product on dry healthy skin.  Have you tried an Eakin ring or a Brava ring from 6 to 9 o'clock? The  goal is to make all the area flat before applying your flange so you fill up your dips. You may only need a piece of this to fill in the area. A convex appliance and a belt may also hlep to pull your appliance closer to your stoma givning you a better seal. Hope this helps, Joy
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