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problems 4 months after ileo reversal...

Hi there - I"m new here!

Hoping someone has some words of wisdom or advice.

A quick summary first of all... I'm a 38 year old mum of 2 and competitive runner and triathlete. Was training for an Ironman triathlon last year then it all went a bit pearshaped!

June 2010  - rushed into hospital with peritonitis. Burst diverticulitis (didn't even know I had it) which they eventually decided I'd been born with. laprascopic surgery and IV antibiotics - hoped it would settle

August 2010 - partial colectomy (anterior resection) to remove massive abscess. Formation of temporary loop ileostomy

September 2010 - got fit enough to run local 10k.

October 2010 - reversal of ileostomy - didn't go to well. Paralytic ileus and huge bloating. Hospital 7 days.

Since then have struggled with massive bloating, constipation, weight gain (12 lbs) nausea etc. Struggling to sleep or eat as it's so bloated and uncomfortable. Basically feels like nothing is working. Despite high fibre, water, exercise, coffee blah blah blah.  Feels like there is no motility in the colon and no muscle tone.  I haven't worn a pair of jeans for 7 months as just so bloated all the time.. Doc has now put me on movicol, but need to take 4-5 sachets just to see a bit of action and doesn't do much for the bloating. Right now I'm struggling badly and all I can eat is a virtual liquid/soft mush diet and any action I do see is (sorry to be gross) like ribbons or worms..   Am seeing consultant tomorrow, but thinking it must be something like colonic inertia or a partial obstruction. Am seriously fed up and it's affecting my life, job etc. Right now I just wish I had the bag back...

Be really good to hear from anyone who's had a similar experience or has any advice...

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Oh wow, sorry to hear this, this must be extremely frustrating for you.  SO GLAD you are seeing a specialist tomorrow, please post how it came along, what helped, if you have gained any relief.

I was going to suggest walking, walking, walking, as our colons only go as fast as our feet do....but, i see, you state you ARE 'excercising'....hope it is walking.

GOOD LUCK, hang in there, and please keep us informed about your recovery, what the problem WAS, etc,
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I have the same problem and I wear a bag. we need to exchange numbers. my story as well as yours is very long. too long to type. I, as well, walk and go to the gym and eat healthy. It has affected my life tremendously. I can very much relate. 3 blockages and lots of issues to this date. and Supposedly in the best hospitals around.
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Probiotics, you can get these over the counter,  can help as well as an anti-acid with the bloating.  I tried all types of prescription antacids and the OTC type that I chew up works the best for me.  Fluid intake as well as fiber is important to prevent constipation.  Often glycerin suppositoies help if your physician says it is ok.
Post op, slow motility is seen a lot but you are 7 months post op?  Anestesia and pain medications are often the culprit.  If you are on any pain medications, cutting down or getting off of them can help as constipation is a number one complaint with narcotic pain relievers.

It does sound like u may have a stricture when u say ribbon like stools.  Have they done a colonoscopy to check and be sure all is open and not narrowed at some point in your intestine?  
I believe exercise helps recovery after a certain amount of time and when your physician says ok.  It helps prevent constipation and keep things moving plus it helps anxiety and depression.
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yey..update us and let us know how the visit with the specialist goes.  I see patients post op as I am an ET nurse and perhaps the information you obtain, can help someone else (:
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I am going through the same thing bloating and costipation had surgery on the 27th of Feb 2012
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As worried878 said, it does sound like a stricture.
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