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14 year old with large ovarian cyst

Hi. My 14 year old daughter went for a check up as she would keep throwing up before school (anxiety) and when examining her the doctor found a lump. She has had and ultra sound and they have found her to have polycystic ovaries and a 19cm ovarian cyst. We are waiting for the gynaecologist appointment but wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation or their teenage daughter as I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Will she need surgery ect? Thanks
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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's situation, she must be going through a lot of pain at such a young age. It is really difficult to bear the pain even if you have a small cut it must be really hard for her to cope up with her condition.
Have you discussed with her doctor, what will be best for her. I think surgery is the best option to remove the cyst and there are very low chances that cyst can return again.
As per my advice consulting with her doctor regarding the best option for the treatment to get rid of the lump asap. Btw what is the situation of your daughter recently? Is she doing well, has she gone through the surgery or has the doctor suggested to go with the medications only?

Best wishes!
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Oh my goodness.  I am sorry to hear that.  I'm a mom of a 14 year old too.  That has to be very terrifying.  What did the doctor say?  She does seem very young to have this diagnosis and a cyst of that size. Did she have surgery and a biopsy to remove?  How is she doing?  Hugs.
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Hi. She has an appointment with the gynaecologist at the end of the month so should find out whats going on then.
Thanks for your message!  
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Ovarian cyst greater than 7 cm at any age warrants further imaging with MRI or surgical evaluation. I personally have never encountered an ovarian cyst measuring 19 cm, although the following case report sounds similar to your daughter's case:

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Thanks you.
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