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16cm Dermoid Ovarian Cyst - Is laparoscopically a possibility?

Hi! I'm 22, and I just found out that I have a 16cm dermoid cyst near my right ovary. I go October 31st for a consult with the OB Oncologist I was referred to, and I am sooo very nervous!! I have never had major surgery before, and it is very daunting. I know I don't have much choice with a dermoid cyst that size though. I know that my cyst is not the biggest or the big, but it is pretty considerable. I'm a quite heavy girl, and I definitely worry how my weight will complicate things. How big is too big to remove the cyst laparoscopically? Will my weight affect that? How will my weight affect recovery? Any experiences or even just positive thoughts, prayers, or vibes are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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I know you are scared, Any surgey is nerve racking. I print out pictures of my favorite things. Vacations, my pets, my husband, my friends, pretty scenes, and art work. I take these to the hoispital I look at them before surgery and after surgery. It calms me down. I also have an I-Pod with music I like. Any thing besides surgery you can focus on. I have gotten so relaxed.

I do not know what the cut off is for laproscopic surgery. I would think they could still do it laproscopically. I knew a lady who had the full hysterectomy. She was so big they had to use a mechanical lift to get her into bed.
   I have had my face reconstructed, two knee surgeries, a large cyst on my butt removed,wisdom teeth taken out, jaw surgery, tubal ligation, my gall bladder removed, removal of a kidney stone the size of an almond, the stirrup replaced in my inner ear, and the full cancer surgery,and two ports put in and one taken out. I have had no problems with all those surgeries.

The more you can distract yourself and the calmer you can be the easier the surgeries go. It is like getting a shot if you tense up it hurts bit if you relax the muscle you might not feel it. I used to give myself shots in the muscle every day.

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