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2 Questions on Radiation & Chemo

I have read where pseudomyxoma peritonei is treated with Casplatin. I am interested in pseudomyxoma peritonei because I'm worried I might develop it since the contents of my mucinous cystadenoma was spilled into my abdomen. Anyway, is Casplatin a pill or an IV chemo??
Secondly, when one gets radiation, I know it can burn the skin, but not always....My mother-in-law had one round for a brain tumor that she has since passed from. She lost her hair, but does one always lose their hair because of radiation or sometimes?? Just curious about these things, I've got 1- 1/2yrs left till I'm an R.N.
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Cisplatin is taken in IV form. I am sorry I can't answer any of your other questions. You can always post to the doctor on this forum.
Best of luck.
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Thank you, I'm just interested. I guess I'll have to take the time to do an internet search since no one wants to share. But that's quite alright. I haven't been diagnosed with ovca, I'm just interested in treatments. Maybe I'll see some in clinicals. Maybe I'll work in oncology. Maybe not. I won't know till I get there.
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I am cancer free from PMP with surgery alone. There is also a history of brain tumors in my family and I was searching specifically for people who had brain tumor history. In my family, three of my maternal grandfather's siblings died in their fifties from brain tumors. I was diagnosed with PMP at age 54, received no chemo, and was declared cancer free 6 months later. I am still cancer free three years later.


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Anyway, is Casplatin a pill or an IV chemo??
its given through IV and makes you sicker than a dawg...

as for the radiation. yes it could burn the skin, cause hair loss etc it all depends on how much your getting and how often your getting it.
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