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2009 Get-Together

Those of us who had the chance to meet last year had such a great time.  I wish we all would have had the chance to be there.  A few have been talking about getting together this year, so I thought I'd see what people were thinking.  Is there anywhere in particular you would like to meet?  It would be nice to pick a location that is somewhat central for everyone, but I realize that isn't completely possible.  So, what are your thoughts about meeting, and when, where, etc.?
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I'm willing to go anywhere but perhaps in the Tennessee area might be good so that Jan can attend?
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Trudie, that's a great idea!  I know Jan would appreciate it.

I will travel, too.  

Thanks for bringing this up, G.
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I think I have to agree with Trudie on that one...I'd really like to see everyone, but whatever is easiest for those who may have a harder time travelling might be a good choice.
I'm really hoping to be there...it just depends on my financial situation at the time - I'm saving up though! If it's close enough, I may even attempt driving...
Guess I'd better get my passport done...
Thanks for posting this Gail!
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Not sure how chemo will affect me this round but I'm usually up for a party!
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Becky, I'm willing to drive you if that works.  You get to Ayr or Kitchener and I can take it from there.
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We could even pick up Sharon in Windsor on the way!
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I would definitely consider it, but not sure if I would be able to. My heart wants to though!!
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Good idea!

I used to live in Kitchener and work in Ayr, so I know how to get to at least there! We could have a car full :)

I hope it works out this year...I'd really like to meet all of you :)

We used to drive to Florida every year with the family, so I know Tenessee isn't that far away...

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I was there last year and I found it to be really valuable opportunity and I made such good friends.  I would love to come again, I still have pleanty of frequent flyer points to use up.
I voted maybe as I am pregnant (just 9weeks) and it will depend on how the pregnancy goes and when the trip is. I am sure the pregnancy will be okay - my body handled Stage 3 OVCA so I am sure it will handle this little miracle!

(In case anyone is confused - my surgery preserved my uterus and I have used the beautiful gift of donor eggs to overcome the loss of my ovaries)
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Okay...how about a date?  Maybe we should say what dates won't work for each of us, and try to work around it.  Families are certainly welcome, by the way, so if you want to bring kids/hubbys/grandkids, that would be great!  
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Nashville is a great location because of so many Interstates intersecting and/or splitting out to all the Southeastern and Western states.
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There is always New York....easy for everyone to get to!!!!  Isn't there a saying, "all roads lead to New York"???? Oh, that;s Rome....Rome would be a great place to meet too!!!!!

Let me know the date and the place and I will do my best to be there too!!!!

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Just tell me when and where, and I will be there.  I think Tennessee is good place.  I am so excited.  Last year was such a good time!!!

Congratulations Bron!!  I will be praying for a healthy 9 months
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What about the weekend of June 27?
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Tennessee sounds good.  I voted that I will attend.  My daughter's baby is due June 26th,  but I think she will go earlier.  I am so happy this is being arranged.  Marie
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The weekend of the 27th is about the only weekend I can't go.  I have to be in Houston for my next doctor visit on the 26th.  If everyone agrees that is the best weekend, then I will see what I can do about changing my appointment, but I need to know pretty soon.  What is everyone else thinking about dates?
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I'll love to try and make it.  Keep me posted.
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June 13 works better for me treatment wise.  I will try to make it regardless of when and where if able.
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June 13 can work.
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This is such a good Idea all of you getting together!

If I win the lotto count me in other wise, you could all come to OZ?

Take care
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I would probably go if I could find someone that could pick me up, not sure enough any longer about driving long distance.  Drove to Knoxville  6 years ago , but wouldn't want to try it again.  I gave up driving at night  last year, everything thing I need is fairly close to me now and I always know where I am.  I love these kind of get togethers, sounded like you all had such fun last year.  Marty
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I lost out on last year's gathering because I took about 6 month off from MedHelp for personal reasons.  But, I certainly would like to be included this year and will try to make whatever date is of majority vote.

Once we are committed to a date AND location, I think those of us that are willing to car pool should be sub-divided geographically.  If I'm not on chemo brain during the organization of this gathering, I'm willing to help Gail sort out logistics so that it's not all on one or two shoulders to coordinate.

Lastly, I too vote for a location in Tennessee that is convenient for Jan (aka Jan214), but open to what the majority votes for.

Note to Ozbron: Congratulations!  I am amazed at your endeavor and pray for a healthy pregnancy as well as a very, very healthy baby.  God bless you (well... he has already!)

My best to all,  Angie
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By the way, I am planning on talking to Chris very soon to get her input.  In no way do I want anyone to think we are trying to diminish how well she coordinated things last year.  I definitely want her input.  If anyone talks to her before I do, please let her know her advice is needed!

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Nashville is a great place for a get together, but please do not plan this around me.  I don't know that I will be able to come regardless of when or where it is.  I appreciate you all thinking about me, but it would be best to plan it for those who would definitely be there.The Smoky Mountains would be a better place for a get together than Nashville though
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