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2nd ultrasound - need opinion please

I received the results of my 2nd vaginal/pelvic ultrasound nd I would like to know what questions I should ask my doctor or what should I expect to be done?

Results:  Heterogeneous uterine echo patterna ndild uteromegaly measuring 12.7cm by 5.0 cm by 7.6cm. The endometrial stripe is thickened (after a heavy, heavy period), measuring 2.1 cm, which may be secondary to endometrail hyperplasia or polyposis; however, malignancy cannot be excluded.

The left ovary is normal in size. The right ovary measures 5.4cm and there are two right sided ovarian cysts with the larger one measuring 3.5cm and the smaller one measuring 1.5cm.

Thank you for any advice!!
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Hi There,
The lining of the uterus  is thick. You should talk to your doctor about setting up either a biopsy of the lining in the office (endometrial biopsy) or a D&C (dilation and curettage) and hysteroscopy (looking inside the uterine cavity with a small scope).
The ovarian cysts may just be functional cysts. the usual recommendation would be to repeat an ultrasound in 6 weeks to 3 months.
Cysts that are growing and not resolving should be removed surgically. If you are through the menopause and not having periods anymore, I would recommend a CA 125 blood test as well.
best wishes
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Thank you so much for your help. I will be better able to understand and recognize options that I receive from my own doctor.
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