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3 chemo treatments vs. 6 ???

I am diagnosed Stage 1C but with a clear cell which is aggressive...I am still learning about this beast so that's all I have for now. My gyn oncol said he wanted me to do 6 rounds of chemo. My chemo doc said 3. Chemo doc claims there is no studies that show 6 is better than 3. To me...6 and 3 are very different! I want to get this right the first time so I am very confused. Do you think I should get a 3rd opinion? Has anyone had this dilemma?
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My cancer was a stage 2 grade 3 and I wasnt given a choice...as oncologist says 6 is the recommended round. My CA 125 is down to a 8 but he says we have to finish it out. Look at it as uping your odds of the beasties coming back a few years down the line! good luck
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Hey there...I was diagnosed IC mucinous ovarian cancer in April of 2005....my oncologist said straight out, "We have a chance for a cure here....we are going to get out the big guns"....I did the 6 rounds of carbo/taxol and I am certainly glad I did and that it is behind me.....I don't ever want that monster to rear it's ugly head again....I'd hate for someone to say, "Gee, maybe you should have taken six instead of three treatments"..
Mucinous, like clear, is an aggressive form of cancer....if your doc says your cancer is aggressive....hmm....why three instead of six?  Makes no sense to me.
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Mine was a Stage 1A, clear cell.  My gyn/onco right from the beginning said to do chemo, as a preventative, just as alittle extra assurance.  Didn't have to tell me twice, especially after I read through the internet on this cancer, and was scared to death.  When I was turned over to an oncologist closer to my home for the treatment, he was the one that hesitated and didn't even know if I should get chemo, until he spoke to the top notch Ovarian Cancer doc at John Hopkins, and she just flat out said, here are the drugs she gets and you do it 6 times.  That was that, and I just finished my 6th cycle, Yippeeee.  And to be honest with you, I was getting the chemo done no matter what, I've never been a gambler, and I wasn't started now.  I am glad I did the 6.  And now I am off, hopefully, to having this behind me, forever.

Good luck to you.
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I kind of figured. Of course one part of me says "oh 3 won't be too bad" but the rationale side of me says "do the 6 so you have no regrets". We agreed to get to 3 and go from there. I have the feeling I'll do more. Might as well lose my hair once. My girls are little so they won't remember. My sister is home with her little girls watching my little girls which is helpful!! Thanks everyone!
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Hi Loralai,

You didnt comment on how your feeling? One of you last post you mentioned being tired and pale and you were just beginning your treatments. How are you holding up? I know it has been about a month since your surgery and your Stage 1C diagnosis. I have been praying for you that it is getting better.

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Hey there! Sorry about that. I am a week away from treatment #2 and honestly I feel great. My hemoglobin is rising thanks to iron pills. I feel more like a person again. I am able to get around and I even pick up the girls a bit but never from standing position. Only to sit them on my lap. My hair has really started to come out and I got my wig trimmed today. I still feel like an alien in it but I guess it'll take some getting used to. If I don't eat well during the day I do get tired faster but nothing unbearable. After Wednesdays treatment I am sure I'll want to sleep all weekend. I actually asked the doc why I couldn't do 2nd round in week 2...I don't wait well for things LOL! He explained body needs time to heal...I guess I figured I feel great so let's get it done with. I need to learn patience I guess...I am sure the next round will get tougher. Thanks for asking!
How are you feeling since surgery? I hope you are healed nicely!
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