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4 days post op

My mom had surgery monday morning. Today is thursday 7am. She has been vomiting all night ans has a fever of 100. Said she has had terrible indigestion all night and ahe was really in a lot of pain yesterday. Her surgery on monday was laproscopic. She had her right ovary removed because it had a cyst 9cm x 9cm x 7cm. She had previous histo to remove uterus and left ovary. This cyst was walled off strangely. They surgery went well but they had some issues because of scar tissue and adhesions. Prelim results for cancer came back clean. Dr said he might have nicked the intestines but they blew her up with gas and saw no obvious leaks. Shes really nauseous and i want her to call the dr but she just went back to bed after vomiting again. Should this wait any longer? She has low narc tolerance... could fever and vomit be due to the pain or pain meds? Pleasr advise...
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Hi There
I agree with your colleagues' comments here

vomiting after laparoscopic surgery can be very common.
anesthesia, postop pain medication, and the carbon dioxide gas that is used to distend the abdomen can cause vomiting.

However, rarely, there can be a twist in the intestines or a bowel injury.
I hope everything has settled down now
best wishes
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I am not a Doctor but in my opinion you should call one asap. A n infection could be responsible and it needs to be accessed sooner rather than later. I hope it gets sorted out quickly.

        Best wishes

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Please call the doctor immediately. She is at risk for infection, dehydration and other concerning complications such as possible bowel obstruction. I don't mean to be an alarmist, but want to motivate a call to the doctor. Please don't wait for a response from this forum's doctor as it may be a few days before Dr. Goodman answers as she is a busy practicing physician. Please let us know what happens.
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