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4 months post-op

I had my right ovary removed in June due to a large cyst. However, let me back up and start from the beginning.
December 1, 2011 I opted for the IUD, Mirena. Had I known it was so painful to insert it, I'd never have gotten one. I immediately had abdominal and since that day, my abdomen has not been the same.
Three months later I had the IUD removed. I was sure that once I had it removed if go back to normal. That was not the case. I had a vaginal ultrasound done and discovered there was a large cyst on my right ovary.
After another 3 months I went into surgery and once again I thought by removing what was painful would take me back to my normal state-pain free and happy. I was wrong yet again.
4 months after surgery I still have pain on my right side. I had another ultrasound done today and my dr called with results: fluid build up where the ovary was.
Can anyone tell me what that means? And better yet, can anyone give me an idea of what's wrong with me?

Here are my symptoms: lower back pain, pain lower right hand side of abdomen, pain traveling down legs, tingling and pain that travels down to my feet (I really only notice this when I'm trying to sleep, which I'm not getting good sleep anymore)

I just need more information before I allow my dr to do exploratory surgery
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Hi There
thank you for your complete information

IUDs can cause pain through few different mechanisms:
-just irritation to the uterus from a foreign body. this should go away after the IUD is removed
-perforation of the uterus from migration of the IUD through the wall of the uterus. again, this should be fixed with removal of the IUD
-infection:if you develop an infection then the uterus can become inflamed. Sometimes infection can travel through the fallopian tube and cause a tuboovarain abcess

If youhad that, you would be sick with a fever and the cyst that was removed would have had opus in it

so questions for your doctor:
hat was the ovarian cyst?
did it have an abscess in it
did you have cultures of your uterus or the IUD taken.
have you been on antibiotics?

you should ask for a copy of the operative note from your surgery and for the pathology report
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Thank you for your response. After the removal of the ovary I found out it was a functional cyst. Blood work done didn't show any signs of cancer.
As for the IUD, I agree that it was just an irritation to the uterus.
No cultures were done from either the IUD or uterus (to my knowledge)
I'm pretty sure the doctor sent the ovary in for testing, which also came back "everything looks fine". And actually I felt great at my post-op appt.
labido was in high gear, I wasn't in any pain. But that didn't last long.
So I pose the question again, what dies "we see fluid build up where your ovary was" mean?
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