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8cm mixed solid/cystic left adnexal lesion an ovarian neoplasm considered

Hi Im 36 year old i have been having a symptoms of left pelvic pain and blotting,can't hold wee, lower back pain.
i went to hospital and they said i had a urin infection but after 4 days of antibiotic it didn't go away.
i then went to see my Gp and got the ultrasound done and they found 8cm mixed solid/cystic left adnexal lesion an ovarian neoplasm considered most likely.
please help me with this as I'm so worries i went to see gyn and my operation date is a month away and my ca 125 is 19
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98% of ovarian cysts are benign. At your age unless you have the BRCA gene  you have less than a 1% of ovarian cancer. If they thought it was cancer they would send you to a gyn/oncologist. I know it is hard not to worry.  A CA125 of 19 is good. Anything under 35,

When I had my ultrasound they had me in the gyn/oncologist the next day and in surgery in a week.

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Thank you so much Alex for your kindness my operation is on 28 of October but I'm thinking of going with private gyn/onc I don't think I can wait that long I will update to let you know. Thanks again
Let me know
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I had the operation done and it turn out to be Fallopian tube the has wrapped around my ovary that is what my gyn/onc told me and he sent everything away to the lab and everything is clear so thank you so much.
I am so glad.
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