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A Reflective Moment

My mum would be going to have the 1st chemo session tomorrow. I am really worried and sad. I am spending as much time as possible with my mum. We checked our insurance and is relieved to find that the insurance is enough to cover the cost. I am still asking 'why my mummy' question - she is such a nice person and have helped so many people that it is 'not fair' that she got this disease and at such an advanced stage.

I think my mum is taking the news better than me. To boast her immune system, she is eating more small meals - like ceral and fruits between the meals and hot chocholate drinks (no more coffee for her!). I think we finally figured out how to cook the herbs correctly using the 'tan chi' pot - it is difficult to use the pot but it is the best way to cook the herbs - and the medicine are stronger and bitter in taste than the ones we brewed in the first few rounds so we are happy.

I asked her whether the herbs have.....any effects on her. My mum told me she could feel an 'energy' through the body after taking the herbs. And......her tummy is even flatter. I am kind of worried and hoped nothing is wrong. Despite the advanced stage,   there is no ascites and whatever little fluid they scrape from the stomach turned up to be normal. I looked at my mum's tummy earlier - it think she is right, it is kind of flatter. I must remember to mention that to the doctor tomorrow.

We are now prepared for the long chemo session - my mum has charged her handphone full so she could talk throughout the chemo session. The TV at the chemo room would enable her to monitor the share prices (although the doctor looked at us strangely when we mentioned that my mum wants to monitor the share prices).

I am really thankful to our friends for praying for my mother. Due to the multi-racial culture in my country - we have friends praying to different gods (Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and some other religions I have not heard of) for my mum's health. No offense to anyone on this forum, my thinking is that there is no harm to get more 'divine' help. I have yet to go to the Goddes of Mercy temple to pray as a daughter because I keep 'missing' the 'correct' date to ask for 'favour' from the Goddess due to the medical appointments. According to the lunar calendar - Monday or Wednesday should be a good time to ask for a 'favour'. I would also be praying for all the ladies (and the occasional gentleman) of this forum.

I would like to salute to all the ladies here who have ovarian cancer. I am not one so I cannot claim to 'understand' the inner struggles you have. But to win this battle, all of you must be strong mentally.

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From the way you describe your mom, it sounds like she will do just fine tomorrow.  And it is great that the insurance is going to cover it. Yes we may have inner stuggles but do not think for a minute that we don't know that you have them also. Granted they may be a different kind of struggle, but we really can't understand yours either. I only have 1 child, a son, who is now 28 with a family of his own. I am very close to them all. And as soon as I got over the initial shell shock of my dx, I realized just how much I hated this beast. I hated it for what it was doing to me, but I hated it even worse for what it was doing to my family. I wish your mom all the best as she begins her fight. But I also wish the best for you. Chris.
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It's great that you can be there for your Mum, and to support her through what's ahead of her, while at the same time, staying 'up' yourself. I  have a daughter also, and I know what a wonderful backup she has been for me, although she doesn't talk about the cancer unless I mention something to her first. She is well aware of what I go through, but we like to enjoy our time together as 'quality time'.. so we don't spoil that with the talk of cancer and what goes with it. I agree... being strong mentally is the way to go in trying to beat this beast... and I feel that it's my strong mental attitude that has taken me to almost 4 years after being dx Stage 4. I think your Mum sounds like a strong person too, so I have confidence that she will do well also. Best wishes to you both, and keep up the good work in being there for your Mum... hugs...Helen..
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