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A cyst or ovary cancer???

Hi i am a 20 yr old female who is very much a hypochondriac!! Back in January I had a sonogram performed and they found a cyst. They were convinced it was a dermoid, so i needed surgery to get it removed! I guess it went away on its own since when they cut me open, everything was fine looking! My symptoms then were dull aches around my pelvic region, burning sensation in pelvis that radiates to upper thighs, frequent urination and somewhat bloating. Fast foward now six months later, i am experiencing pretty much the same exact symptoms. Except this time Ive experienced bad indigestion, which i know is a symtom of ovary cancer. (ive been diagnosed with acid reflux though so im not worried much about it). And now my periods a little different. I used to bleed 6-7 days and now only about 3! I still do get a normal period which is every 28-30 days. The first days light and then the next two are heavy!! The day afer that, theres no bleeding at all, and then two light days after that. Idk if this has to do with my poor diet (im over weight), or my low egg count or a hormone imbalance. Im a bad hypochondriac and im convinced im dying. I have not seen a gyno yet in my lifetime. Is it possible a new cyst formed or the old one came back? Or ovary cancer?! Thank u!!
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Ovarian cysts are part of the menstrual cycle and they can get a little larger than "normal" sometimes before going away. But they almost always go away on their own. However, they can cause symptoms such as you're experiencing. And for some reason, some women have more problems with them than others.

Ovarian cancer is rare especially in women without a family history / genetic predisposition.

Some of your symptoms could be from having had surgery since surgery can cause scar tissue and nerve damage. It's a shame they didn't do an ultrasound the day before your surgery to make sure the cyst was still there.
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