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A question for all

Tonight I had an idea that I want to pass by you all.  I spent over an hour tonight reading survivor stories, many of them  for many years, they tell of their treatments and the journey through the courses of OVCA.  I was wondering if you would like me to post  those I feel are positive and informative on the health pages.  I would title it Survivor stories. We could compare the various  routes taken by us and them and perhaps learn of new ways to tell our doctors about. These women tell their stories openly to show their remissions and how they got there.  Just reading them gave me a whole lot of encouragment and a great deal of Hope.  Marty
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Marty - I think that's a fabulous idea. I would love to read encouraging stories, and knowing exactly where I can read them would help tremendously. I look forward to the post...
With love. Deandra
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I agree , I visit another site and read survivor stories and it would be great to have some on here,  the stories lift the spirit and its amazing how many long term survivors there actually are out there too !!
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    I would love to read them as well, or at least no the sites to find them? Thank you
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Great idea!  I find survivor stories really helpful  to settle my brain!
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I can't imagine this being anything but inspiring and helpful!
Great idea!!

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Good idea.  Would you make sure you post the source or better yet a link to the website?  Thanks.
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I think it's a wonderful idea. Even though I'm just a friend of 2 women with ovarian cancer, sometimes I worry and fret about them and wonder about all the "what if's." I would love to read some positive stories.

It sounds like a lot of work to research all of this and make it available. I admire you and thank you for that.
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What a positive idea.  Wonderful.  Thanks for taking the time do upload the stories.

Judy C.
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I think it's a great idea...very positive.  This board needs it.
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